The Oneira philosophy of BUILD Relationships, DELIVER Solutions and DRIVE Results has generated a culture of success for Sustaining Capital Projects.

Oneira is ideally suited to execute sustaining capital projects through the use of Lean Theory and fit for purpose engineering that maintains focus and reduces the overheads associated with a large project approach. Oneira's extensive experience with retrofit/renovation projects has generated unique solutions when installing new equipment into restricted spaces while maintaining good operating and maintenance access.

Why does Oneira excel at Sustaining Capital Projects?

  • Size, agility, responsiveness
  • Cost efficient solutions with proven results
  • Retrofit/upgrade expertise
  • Lean Theory work methodology limits WIP to drive deliverables to completion
  • Client Relationship and project ownership
  • Multi-discipline collaboration

Typical Projects:

  • Plant modernization
  • Piping modifications/stress analysis
  • Safety relief sizing/verification
  • Equipment replacement/overhaul/upgrade
  • Vessel integrity/re-rating/re-purpose
  • Shutdown/Turn-around
  • Operating Cost Reduction
  • Safety Upgrades
  • Safety Audit
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Structural Rehabilitation
  • Control System Programming
  • Control system modifications/upgrade
  • Control system troubleshooting
  • Control valve replacement / sizing
  • Control loop tuning
  • Instrument addition / troubleshooting
  • Arc Flash and Coordination Studies
  • Transformer replacement
  • Electric Heat Tracing troubleshooting