Case Studies 

Leading Specialty Chemicals Company, HQ USA

CLIENT: Leading Specialty Chemicals Company, HQ USA
LOCATION: Worldwide locations
PROJECT: Multiple Projects

Relationship: For over a decade Oneira has provided consulting and engineering services to this world-leading specialty chemicals company representing some of the most recognized brands in the world. The projects have spanned more than a dozen operating companies on four continents, and services have ranged from safety audits, capital planning and acquisition due diligence to retrofits of existing facilities and development of new plants.

Result: Project after project, Oneira's inventive solutions and scalable execution have driven results for this specialty chemicals client across its worldwide assets.

Global Paint, Coatings and Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer, North America / Asia

CLIENT: Global Paint, Coatings and Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer
LOCATION: North America / Asia
PROJECT: Multiple Projects
BUDGET: $50 Million (multi-year)

Relationship: Oneira has a long-standing relationship with this market-leading paints and coatings company providing multi-discipline engineering solutions to its global facilities. Over a period of 15 years, Oneira has developed solutions to challenging business opportunities in North America and Asia. The projects cover all aspects of specialty chemicals manufacturing from raw material storage to product filling lines and plant retrofits to new facilities.

Result: Oneira's extensive experience in this industry and collaborative approach to every project has resulted in the successful execution of over $50 million of project capital.

Fortune 500 Business Process and Document Management Company, USA

CLIENT: Fortune 500 Business Process and Document Management Company
BUDGET: $150 Million

Relationship: For more than a decade, Oneira has supported this Fortune 500 company in its roll-out and expansion of a revolutionary chemical-based colour toner product. Oneira worked with the client to develop the pilot plant, full-scale plant and several subsequent expansions.

Result: Oneira provided conceptual and front end engineering as well as detailed design and construction support.

Automotive OEM Primer Plant, Canada

CLIENT: Automotive OEM Primer Plant
BUDGET: $35 Million

Challenge: The client required additional capacity to meet the demands of the automotive industry. The design objectives included reducing dwell time and adjustments per batch while maximizing repeatability.

Solution: Oneira began the project with cycle time and material flow analysis for the anticipated product mix. The design incorporated sophisticated automated batch control, state-of-the art pipeline pigging and enhanced safety features.

Result: Oneira's innovative design and seamless project execution resulted in an unprecedented ramp-up to full capacity.

Electrolytic Copper Refinery, Middle East

CLIENT: Electrolytic Copper Refinery
LOCATION: Middle East
BUDGET: $200 Million

Challenge: The client's mandate was to build a state-of-the-art 200,000 tpa electrolytic copper refinery and required process know-how and leadership to develop the project.

Solution: Oneira developed the Basic Engineering and FEED packages. The refinery consisted of tankhouse electrolyte circulation, electrode handling and slimes treatment plant. High levels of nickel, antimony and bismuth required an acid purification unit and ion exchange system to control the impurities and recover saleable products.

Result: By incorporating state-of-the-art refining and impurity control technologies, the refinery will produce LME Grade A copper cathode.

Heap Leach/Solvent Extraction/Electrowinning Plant, Middle East

PROJECT: Heap Leach/Solvent Extraction/Electrowinning Plant
LOCATION: Middle East
BUDGET: $50 Million

Challenge: Design an acid Heap Leach/Solvent Extraction/Electrowinning Plant for recovery of copper from low grade copper oxide ore.

Solution: Oneira generated the FEED package and improved upon the basic engineering by introducing numerous process and equipment alternatives. Oneira provided in house process technology including reverse flow mixer settlers, electrodes and electrode handling. The construction contractor benefited from Oneira's continued engineering support during plant construction, equipment procurement, installation and start-up phases.

Result: Oneira's technology and construction support resulted in smooth commissioning, start-up and a plant producing LME Grade A copper.

Copper Bacterial Leach/SX/EW Complex, Middle East

PROJECT: Copper Bacterial Leach/SX/EW Complex
LOCATION: Middle East
BUDGET: $120 Million

Challenge: Design a Bacterial leach / Solvent Extraction/Electro-winning Complex for copper recovery from chalcopyrite concentrates.

Solution: Oneira conducted amenability testing and operated a continuous pilot plant to prove a bacterial leach technology was viable. Collaborating with its laboratory, equipment vendors and material specialists, Oneira produced the basic design of a copper bacterial leach plant feeding a conventional solvent extraction and electro-winning process.

Result: The pilot plant demonstrated a 97% copper recovery.

Global Chemical Producer, Canada

CLIENT: Global Chemical Producer
PROJECT: Plant Expansion
LOCATION: Ontario, Canada
BUDGET: $7 Million

Challenge: A major chemicals producer required a significant expansion to incorporate a state-of-the-art fatty acid processing facility.

Solution: The expansion incorporated a continuous high pressure fat splitting process, a glycerin ion exchange purification and a new hydrogenation reactor. Oneira supported the project from concept to commissioning and developed all aspects of the expansion design.

Result: The new facility significantly improved plant efficiency and increased capacity to manufacture fatty acids and glycerol to meet global demand.

World-Leading Chemical Producer, Canada

CLIENT: World-Leading Chemical Producer
LOCATION: Ontario, Canada
BUDGET: $18 Million

Challenge: Oneira was tasked with the engineering development of a new Nylon polymer production system.

Solution: Oneira engineered an expansion to a Nylon polymer plant with new raw material handling process, polymerization reactor, heat exchange system, DCS upgrade and infrastructure improvements.

Result: Oneira successfully implemented the project from concept to commissioning.

Lube Oil Blending Operation, Canada

CLIENT: Canadian Oil and Gas Major
LOCATION: Ontario, Canada
BUDGET: $3.4 Million

Challenge: To develop conceptual engineering designs to improve safety, productivity and reduce cross-contamination and waste on an inline blender for lube oil products.

Solution: Oneira delivered a design that met stringent space constraints, constructability requirements, budget expectation and ensured minimal production impacts.

Result: Oneira saved $1 million for the project through efficient engineering and by proposing a streamlined fabrication and construction approach.

Concrete Admixture Plant, Mexico

CLIENT: Concrete Admixture Plant

Challenge: Design a modular plant control system for ease of installation and start-up.

Solution: The scope of work included detailed control system design, procurement of control system hardware and control system programming. A distributed control system (DCS) and PLC hybrid system was supplied, allowing a single processor to supervise and control the entire plant. The system was wired and Factory Acceptance Tested prior to shipping. Oneira provided site acceptance testing and operator training.

Result: A robust control system with a modular design allowing for the addition of future production processes at minimal cost.

Flammable Production Safety Upgrade, Canada

PROJECT: Flammable Production Safety Upgrade
LOCATION: Ontario, Canada

Challenge: The goal of the project was to eliminate the potential for a fire or explosion at an automotive coatings facility.

Solution: Enclose the vessel and provide an inert atmosphere in the headspace. An oxygen monitoring system was incorporated to ensure an inert atmosphere. To reduce cost a single oxygen monitoring and purging system was multiplexed across three vessels and controlled by a PLC to provide a safe environment.

Result: Multiplexing the monitoring and purging system instead of purchasing 3 separate systems significantly reduced the capital cost.

Control Systems Design and Integration, Canada

PROJECT: Pail Line Filling Improvements
LOCATION: Ontario, Canada

Challenge: A 4-head filling machine was unable to fill pails evenly. Some pails were overfilled resulting in significantly reduced throughput.

Solution: Oneira developed a new process and PLC system to deliver the product at a constant pressure to the filling machine. An automatic product recovery system was installed to reduce the amount of product sent to waste recycling during batch change over.

Result: Overfilling of pails was eliminated and recycled waste product was minimized, resulting in substantial savings. The production rate was doubled by providing a constant feed pressure to the filling machine.